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Your product is a process

Most products, with the possible exception of works of art, are designed to enable or facilitate one or more processes. We use products to help us reach some sort of goal. The better the product the easier and more enjoyable it is to reach those goals.

When designing and building any product it is important to understand those processes. Your requirements are represented by the various components that make up the process. Business requirements are the goals and constraints, what the software needs to achieve and what it should not do. Technical requirements are the steps required to reach those goals within the constraints.

Understanding and visualising those processes provides a framework the whole team can relate to when trying to understand what they need to do in order to deliver value to the user.

Instead of starting with a feature list, start thinking about how the user will reach their goal. How do they do it today, without your product, and how will your product make it easier for them. Involve the design and technical teams, they can tell you what’s possible and what isn’t, what will take longer to build and where potential issues may arise in the future.

This will help you drive out any misunderstandings right at the beginning.

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