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Why are we working on Skore?

We make Skore because we want the best tool do to what we like doing: understanding how things work (in a visual way) to make great work. We are in love with the idea.
Here is our plan to make sure Skore will still be there in a 100 years.

We make something we want

Skore came out of a necessity to have a tool that give a special skill. Skore makes something different than what people know.


We believe that any idea worth taking care of can be started without direct external funding. We will finance this project as long as possible. We are very lucky to still work on interesting projects and with great people. In the last 5 years we both have practiced the approach we preach with Skore. And since Skore is born, we deliver with it. Our interest in it is only growing.


In that, freelance work brings us a lot.
We have been lucky to work in various lines of business and on almost every continent. It widens our understanding of organizations. Fresh ideas are coming in both direction between the Skore, as a business, and the consulting gigs.
Financially, it supports our lifestyle (Craig is married and they have 2 lovely kids) and pays for the help we need to get Skore off the ground.
We have huge respect for those who trust us.

Sharing the advantage

In the first place, Skore is an advantage for us. We are dedicated to it because it brings us so much. We’re here to share that advantage with you. By sharing it we hope to be able to buy our complete independence and freedom so we can release the power of Skore!

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