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Welcome to our new website!

Well it’s been a few months since we initially set this site up. Those that have previously visited us will, I’m sure, have recognized the default WordPress theme. We love WordPress here at The Skore having used it in several other projects.

The Twenty Eleven theme served us well in getting the site up and running quickly and adding some basic content. But we felt it lacked the layout we needed to provide the additional resources, tools and educational material we want to make available to users of The Skore software. Then we stumbled across Velo from The open dept team. This modern flat skin looks great both on a large screen and on a mobile device. As soon as we saw it we knew it was the right time to update the website!


We designed the first iteration using a Bitnami virtual machine on Amazon web services. The Bitnami stacks are awesome and get you up and running with your favourite combination of site and infrastructure tools in minutes. I’ve been using Bitnami Virtual Machines for a while now but this was the first time we’d used one in the Cloud. It literally takes a single click to get up and running.

Colin did most of the work on the site layout and I provided the words. Once we had something we felt looked right we migrated the whole thing across to our main server hosted by the ever-so-helpful guys at Fresh Sites. And of course we used The Skore to make sure we knew exactly what the requirements for the migration were. I ran through a test on another Bitnami VM before making the move to the live site. The whole migration took less than an hour.

New Content

The new site contains a lot more content than before. If you’re reading this on, or shortly after, the date of this post you won’t see much difference yet. The front page still has the main basic introduction and the blog pages are still here. We’ve built out a number of short tutorials and some introduction videos which we’ll be adding soon. We’re also intending to add some community driven support tools although I’m still evaluating those so if you have any suggestion please leave them below.

We hope you enjoy the new site and feel free to leave us feedback here.

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