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The loving boot, when feedback is the norm

Working as part of a project team made of people detached from their “real” job on a 10-20% basis is great to get a very wide range of inputs to lead the project…. it is alos sometimes a challenge: different constraints, different objectives, different priorities…

Last week, we challenged ourselves about the level of support we give to each other, and we have been introduced an interesting framework to position ourselves

2013-11-17 - Loving boot

Challenges and support ratio, inertia to loving boot where feedback is the norm

Having the right level of support is critical to our personal success and the success of the team.

Note that you can be at different places with different people, and at different time.

As Beaumarchais said:

Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n’est point d’éloge flatteur

Or in in english:

Where there is no freedom of blaming, there can be no genuine praise


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