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The first 5 minutes

Following on from our previous post How to deliver the message when we can’t be there?

I started to ask myself how do you, as a user, know how to use Skore when we’re not there to teach you?

Of course we removed as many barriers as possible so you can get started quickly; but after watching this enlightening talk by Patrick McKenzie I looked at Skore and….  well I saw nothing. Nothing that really tells me how to get started. I have a blank canvas in front of me and that’s it.

The first 5 minutes are so important, we can’t afford to let the user down.

Here are McKenzie’s principles applied:

  • Phase 1 : Entertain
    I believe Skore is quite “fun” to use, so let’s start there. At this stage we don’t create meaningful content, but have fun creating stuff on the canvas.
  • Phase 2 : Teach
    What do we do with what we have created?
  • Phase 3 : Motivate
    Why it matters for the future, and how to continue doing it.

I am currently testing the concept with users (i.e. my flatmates) and I already see them less confused with how to get started.

3 things I’ve learnt so far:

  • Entertaining the user shouldn’t be disregarded. Skore is fun to use; let’s build on that.
  • I believe a tutorial directly embedded in the software, using the real features, is much more useful than a video / eLearning style tutorial.
  • There is nothing more efficient than testing a new feature with real users


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