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The airbnb user journey

Here is a (simplified) Skore describing the user journey to book an accommodation with

2014-09-01 - Airbnb Skore 2


View the live example here :

Remarkable things in the airbnb booking process :

  • Asks to to log in (or sign up) in the website late in the process. i.e. once you have already written a message to your host
  • Automatically send “reset password” email if you make a mistake with your password (see the details of the relevant activity)
  • We have 3 roles taking part in this process : the ¬†traveller, the host, and “airbnb” a generic term to describe the computer working for us

With this Skore, you can see the user journey is fairly simple, and it would be easy to decide “what are the critical component I need to implement first”. I’ll come back to the topic of prioritization in a future post.


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