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Support for Skore – Knowledge Base and Ideas

Well it’s not really new but we’ve added a support section to our website to make it easier for you to access, rate articles, leave feedback and suggest new ideas for the software. We’ve been using Uservoice for the past 12 months after it was recommended to me by Ian Gotts over at ZenAlpha.

Uservoice brings together feedback, ticketing and analytics into a single web based platform. What’s more, for very small implementations, like ours, it’s free to get started. This has allowed us to start generating articles over the last few months in preparation for now. It also allows some simple integration into your site, although I believe on the paid plan you get a lot more flexibility.

You can access it from the Support link in the header menu of this site. This takes you to a summary version with a handful of Knowledge Base and Feedback articles. You can also send us a message directly or submit ideas.


If you want to browse more of the content simply click the links next to the Knowledge Base and Feedback headings. This takes you into a specific section of our Uservoice site but you can easily get to the top and browse everything by clicking links below the header of each page.

We hope you find it useful and we look forward to hearing your ideas and adding more articles as we go.


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