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2014-06-04 - Skore Screenshot

Great work starts by understanding each other

If you want a sneak preview…

35 days trial. No email, no credit card required. Read the license agreement.


What Skore can do for you ?

Define a product vision

Map the high level processes the product enables

Understand the user’s journey

Zoom into the details for the various type of users

Discover requirements

Identify and close gaps in the technical and design requirements

Agree on a vocabulary

Make sure everyone talks the same language

Discuss the interactions

Before starting to code

Prioritise the features needed

Because you can’t do everything in v1

Structure retrospectives

Do not repeat mistakes

Skore before sketch

Structure your thoughts

 What you can do with Skore

Map at the speed of talking

Made for speed

Deep dive into details

Start from high level and go into the details

Attach relevant information

Take notes of discussions happening during workshop, add links to documents

Desktop software

No need for an internet connection

Publish Skores online

To share with your colleagues

Export as image

To include in emails / presentations

Save .skore file

To be reused later

Search within a Skore

to quickly find what happens next


  • 99 USD per user (1 human, many machines)
  • Perpetual licence
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Trial period of 35 days, then you cannot save anymore
  • End user license

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