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Skore & iPad, how to not break the promise?

It’s obvious to me that Skore needs to have an iPad / tablet counterpart.

I had great discussions around this topic at the Tech Open Air in Berlin.

Skore is a tool that drives a conversation, not hinder it. It’s a tool that can be used in a live workshop without breaking the flow of the discussion.

Voice command?

This is why there is no iPad version today: I haven’t cracked the nut on how to “pilot” Skore without breaking the conversation. Maybe the solution is in voice recognition? It might not be mainstream as of today, but this is likely to gain popularity as the services are becoming better.

We could imagine voice-control for editing text, attachments, but why not to build the graph as well “add one box”, “go to the right”, “enter in details”.

That said, just skore it, our live Skore viewer works nicely on iPad.

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