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Skore 102 – Enriching our model

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In the first episode we have created this basic model. Only a few boxes and enough to get started on a discussion.

I have shown this to my colleague and he came up with a number of ideas. He stated, and I believe it’s true, that managers won’t remind, on their own, to open the app every fortnight. We need to send them a reminder. Let me plug this into my flow.

Note that the scope doesn’t change and the whyboxes act as connectors between the activities. They are always the context in which each activity happens.

Here, the outcome of the notification is that the manager will open the app and see the latest entries.

Now, we will add a second branch to our process describing in parallel what the user can do.

He can enter today’s assessment in the system, but as well review all the previous assessments. And this activity has several outcomes as well.

On the one hand, it allows the user to review them and having an understanding. And other hand it allows him or her to export them as an excel file.

We have seen how to construct our model on a single page, but sometimes you’d like to go in more details on a given activity. This is what we’ll see in the next episode.

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