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Skore 101 – get started with user journeys

How to get started with Skore ?

The tutorial in the software will guide for the few commands you need, this video shows you how to start creating (good) content



(available as closed captions in the video too)

Skore is a different way to see how your software product works, it’s very visual as we’ll see. And I’ll show you how to get started?

In this video you will learn how to create and visualise the journey an user make through a simple software. Then you will see how it helps getting everyone in the team on the same page and get started with great work.

The purpose of today’s example is to create a self-assessment tool for managers. The user (the manager) will have to enter, once in a while, grades and comments against a few criterias so we can follow trends, take actions and create a learning organisation.

So I start by placing a few boxes on the canvas.

The main activity our manager is expected to do : “Enter today’s assessment in the system”. I sue a What Box. I like naming them with a verb first, to describe the action. Below, I write who is expected to do it, the line manager

This activity alone doesn’t mean much. We need more context. Context is important to make sure you and your colleagues, designers, analysts or testers are talking about the same thing.

First, why the manager enters the assessment?

I use the Why Box to document the reason “performance is tracked and ready to be analysed”.

Second, when does the manager enters the assessment? Every 2 weeks.

Let’s connect everything together

I can already review this short story with a colleague and understand the various needs in terms of user interface, data base, and can have all sorts of discussion on how to deploy this in reality. I can agree on the vocabulary we will use and what are the critical steps.

A basic Skore made of only a few boxes helps me figuring out the basics of my software. Placing the user at the center of my story

Now, imagine with more details. This is what we’ll do in the next episode

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