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Powe users vs. Technical users

Who is the audience of your new feature?

Skore supports Markdown, which is a syntax to easily format text easily. Is it a feature for power users or technical users ?

This notation is definitely not something everyone will use at the start, but this greatly improve what you can do with Skore. We agreed on this definition:

  • Power users are part of the intended audience. Only they know more than the basics to get even more value out of the Skore. Features aimed at power users are accessible from the main UI (though might not be prominent) and little technical knowledge is required. If required, training should be embeded in the software at the point were needed or close by.
  • Technical users are more prone to push the software beyond what can be done only with the UI; they are not afraid of following a little procedure to reach a goal. It’s OK to provide training in a knowledge base or  forums.


Example of Markdown notation in Skore:

Markdown notation… Will render…
## Skore supports Markdown

This is a *great* improvement. I’m sure power users will love it.
Learn [more](

Skore supports Markdown

This is a great improvement. I’m sure power users will love it.
Learn more.

2014-06-10 - Markdown technical vs power user

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