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Newsletter – August 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you for expressing an interest in Skore – requirements discovery software for Agile development

We’re well into the summer and it’s been a pretty hot so far in Europe, we hope you’ve been getting out and enjoying the sun more than we have recently! We’ve had to leave the buckets and spades locked up most of the time until we deliver a fully working product!

We’ve also been busy building an introduction video to the concepts behind Skore… watch the short video!

So… when will the software be available?

Well we had hoped to have it to you sooner but we felt that some of our earlier technology decisions were starting to cause us a few challenges. So we decided to experiment with some alternatives until we found something more suitable. It’s been a fascinating project and now we’ve found the right tool for the job. This has set us back a little but we are more confident in the stability of the product. That at least helps us sleep better at night!

The great news is that we’ve had some extra time to concentrate on some other things.

Our progress…

We’ve tightened up some of the rough edges in the user interface (UI) to give it a more consistent feel. We’ve also softened the color scheme slightly by reducing the contrast between the different zones, this gives it a lot more zen like feel.

We’ve also added a few new features.


We’ve updated our website with a new theme that will make it easier for us to add further information about Skore. You can read more about the transition on our blog here. It also formats much better on mobile devices which makes it much easier for us to create and update pages.

We’ve also created a set of short tutorials to go with Skore that takes you through the basics, including shortcuts so you can impress your colleagues with your Jedi like skills. Each tutorial covers a few short steps that are backed up with short animations. These will be available along with the software.

And we are integrating into the site so that you will be able to have your say, give us feedback and suggest improvements to the product. We really look forward to hearing from you!

Other News

On July 18th we attended StartUp Britain’s bus tour. It was a fantastic day and we got to spend time with various startup founders and business advisors, if you’re in Britain and thinking to start a business we recommend going along, you can see the dates here.

Thanks for keeping in touch and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Craig J Willis & Colin Claverie

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