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Mac OSX 10.9.5 updates to gatekeeper

In the last week or so Apple have released the latest update to Mac OSX. It’s one of those things that happens so quietly you almost miss it apart from the inconvenience of having to restart. So when we started getting reports that new users trying to install Skore were being greeted with the “unknown developer” message we were a bit surprised.

We should not have been, Apple had reminded us through the developer program that these changes were coming. However, we had tested our app on the pre-release versions of 10.9.5 and everything had been working fine. I guess it was only on release that the final changes to Gatekeeper had been made.

The rules around signing applications are a little stricter but most importantly you have to do the signing on 10.9.5 to avoid the warning message. Here’s more from

Apologies to anyone out there that downloaded the app but were unable to use it due to this issue. It should be resolved now!

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