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Lesson 4 – add more detail to your story

When you’re in discovery mode you may need to gather additional information to help you make decisions about what and how something works. You may need to make this visible on your skores so that it facilitates the discussion or just link it to a story for future reference.

In Skore it’s easy to add additional information that enrich the big picture and ensure you don’t forget about something important.

Make it Visible

1. The most simple way to add extra information is through the use of notes. Drag and drop a note to anywhere on the canvas. Double click it to edit.

2. Resize and move notes using drag and drop. If you want to add a note that’s relevant to a specific What box simply move it over one edge to show that it belongs to that box.


Link it

You may want to provide a direct link to another piece of information to a story. You can easily link What boxes using URLs to anything you want. It maybe a wireframe or a link to the equivalent story in your backlog.

3. Hover over the what box and click on the paperclip icon on the top right corner. From this menu select URL.

4. Enter the URL and a title and click Add.

5. To access the link simply click on the paperclip icon again and click the link.


Other Information

If you need to add extra textual information that doesn’t need to be permanently visible, say acceptance criteria, you can add this easily using the text attachment.

6. Click on the paper clip and select text.

7. Enter your text and click add.



  • Wireframes
  • Non-functional requirements documents
  • similar products/functions
  • Graphical mockups
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Story points
  • Vision statement
  • Tell us your suggestions!

3 Things to Remember

  1. Never forget additional information add it quickly using notes
  2. Reinforce understanding by linking to further information
  3. Add links over time to improve context


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