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Lesson 3 – shortcuts

Do it faster and look like a boss in a workshop! Whether you’re a mouse master or a keyboard king the idea is that you use Skore during discussions. To ensure your train of thought doesn’t get interrupted by the software we’ve given you options to use it the way you prefer.

So far we’ve shown you how to build skores using drag and drop but here are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to create skores even faster!

Content creation

Enter ↩ or F2 Enters in edit mode
-or- validates changes and exit edit mode
Esc. Exits edit mode without saving the changes
Tab ⇥ Goes to next field
-or- validates changes and exit edit mode
Space Creates the next box
Shift ⇧ + Space Creates a box before (on the same line)
Ctrl or + Space Creates a box on the next line
Tab ⇥ Selects the next box (like clicking)
Shift ⇧ + Tab ⇥ Selects the previous box
Ctrl or + G Groups
Ctrl or + U Ungroups
Ctrl or + D Duplicates
Ctrl + Drag and drop a box Duplicates
Page down ⇟ Enters detail of selected What box
Page up ⇞ Exits detail of what box


Shift ⇧ + Drag
Right click + Drag
Pans (you can use the outline on the bottom left as well)
Shift ⇧ + Scroll Zooms
+ / - / = Zooms… bigger / smaller / standard size

On the outline (in the bottom left corner)

Scroll Zooms
Drag and drop of highlight Pans
Resize of highlight Zooms

3 Things to Remember

  1. Mouse or keyboard? Use whichever allows you to map at the speed of talking
  2. Some things are just quicker, use Space to create new boxes
  3. Enter allows you to edit the currently selected box

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