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Lesson 1 – telling stories

Using Skore is all about telling stories, short stories, long stories, deep stories, funny stories, however you prefer it. The one thing all your stories should do is help you and your team reach a common understanding on how that story will be built. So like the user stories you’re probably used to creating, stories in Skore are about asking the right questions, who, what and why.

The difference in Skore is how we lay out a story, typically the main characters of a story appear consistently throughout. What sets them apart is what they do and why, for that reason we use different shapes to define the What and the Why.

What and Why Boxes

1. Add What and Why boxes to the canvas by dragging them from the card shoe at the top.

Every new What box always has an associated Why box because… well you wouldn’t have a what and a who without a why would you? Why boxes, however, can be added on their own, more about that later.

2. Double click a What or Why box to start telling your stories. Type the action, the user who performs the action, and press Enter to validate. Do the same in the Why box.

3. Move boxes around, simply click, hold and drag. Release the click at the position you want. Guidance lines will show when you are aligned with other boxes.


Building Flows

4. Join What and Why boxes in a flow to tell a bigger story or chart the journey the user takes through the product. Click the red arrow that’s displayed when you hover over the box to create a flow, or drag the red arrow on to an existing box to join them together.

5. Add alternative paths simply by clicking the red arrow again to create more What and Why boxes.

You can never run out of space, the canvas will automatically grow if you cross the edge, this gives you the freedom to explore ideas with your colleagues. Put everything you think of on to the canvas and simply delete those ideas that turn out to be irrelevant later.


Further Editing

6. Delete items by clicking the Trash icon that’s displayed when you hover over a What or Why box.

7. Copy and paste items by selecting them and using Ctrl or + C to copy and Ctrl or + V to paste.


3 Things to Remember

  1. Ask the right questions; What happens, Who does it and Why
  2. Connect boxes together in a flow to tell larger stories
  3. Put all your ideas on the canvas and delete what you don’t need later

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