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Skore represents lessons we’ve learnt from years of working with teams. Helping teams become much more efficient, innovative and communicate more effectively. One of our favourite ways to help achieve this has been to help people understand how things work.

Whether it’s an existing product or process, or a product that’s being designed, we’ve found one of the best ways to achieve this is by visualising the underlying process. As most products are about making life easier for people it’s important to understand how people work today and how your product will improve that.

This can be done before you create your product or, if you’ve already created it, to see where improvements can be made. It can also be used to help you explain the benefit of the product to a potential customer. This is all about getting to a point where your development team understand what it is you want them to build and your customer understands what they are getting.

We’ve had many years working with process and helping people understand them through visualisation. We’ve seen and used many different approaches but one of our prefered is a system called IDEF0.

IDEF0 development was sponsored by the US airforce as a

“method for analyzing and communicating the functional perspective of a system. IDEF0 should assist in organizing system analysis and promote effective communication between the analyst and the customer through simplified graphical devices”

IDEF0 is powerful because it is fairly simple to understand and easy to apply. It’s fairly rigorous too which makes it ideal for more traditional development models. We wanted something easier, faster and more flexible. We wanted to deliver it in a tool that was easy and self explanatory to use.

The result is Skore, where informal conversations can be instantly turned into powerful visualisations of ideas. You can describe how something works and what it should do before it’s built. It’s fast so you can quickly see the big picture before you dive into any detail.

3 things to remember:

Skore is easy – the shapes ask questions that help you describe your product
Skore is fast – it’s great to quickly sketch out ideas on your own or with colleagues
It’s based on proven techniques – IDEF0 has been used successfully for many years, we’ve made it even easier and faster to use

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