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Experience is a process

I’ve had a fairly varied career to date but one theme that is repeated throughout all is process. Everything we do is part of a process, whether it’s a formal work based process, or the informal stuff we do that allows us to enjoy life. Processes are all around us, sometimes we are bit part players and other times we’re in the driving seat, making the decisions and taking responsibility for our actions.

Processes are often designed for us, or designed by us as we follow them but the best processes are those where it feels like a collaboration between the two. Where help is provided at the point you need it and the constraints are removed at the point where you feel it’s your decision to make and no one else’s. Some companies excel at this, they design processes that deliver an awesome experience so that whatever the interaction it’s fast, painless and often enjoyable.

While the process, and it’s constraints, are baked into the environment someone somewhere designed it with purpose. Excellent experiences rarely just happen. In a previous post Don Norman described this at Apple, where great care is taken to ensure the whole experience is a good one. From buying right through to after sales care, every step along the way, every detail is considered.

But how does one do this? There are many ‘process’ methodologies out there but they are primarily focused on process analysis. Comprehensive methods for identifying waste, capturing cost/time and used for performing deep statistical analysis. For experience design what’s needed is simplicity and ease of understanding. Something that can be shared and discussed with people from different backgrounds. Experience is a personal and human thing, scientific approaches can only tell part of the story.

And this is why we built Skore, to provide a simple way to map out an experience that everyone can understand. It can be created quickly, with a team if necessary, and shared easily. And while keeping it simple we still keep a key Lean principle in mind, every step should add value. Our Why box forces you to answer this question and ensures that every step in the experience is there for a good reason.

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